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Introducing guest chef Jon Villar

“When I create a dish, I work on the flavour first”. Says the latest ‘hot’ up-and-coming chef, Jon Villar.

“That’s always my base, it needs to be delicious.” Hot off the heels of winning the International Dining Awards for Best Fusion Restaurant 2022, this attitude has clearly served him well in his career, continuing its upward trajectory.

During the pandemic, Jon created ‘FU:DIZM’, one of London’s highly-rated fusion restaurants in East London to take diners on a unique food journey with his culinary creations. A former head chef of PJ’s Grill, Minako at the MET, Kopapa, Mber & Gammagamma Soho, he takes pride in his ability to discover the most unique flavours from around the world to offer an authentic experience.

Jon’s thoughts on our shows and the signature dish he’s created for us; he says – ‘I love the diverse audience you have at your shows so I wanted to ensure that was reflected in the Tasting Menu offering I created and the signature dish; the ‘Vietnamese Goat Curry Souvlaki’.
‘I really hope you like it’.

The Tasting Menu

A Tasting Menu is a collection of several dishes in small portions.

Please see the 10 dish Menu options. 5 veg and 5 meat.
From the 10 options please select the 3 dishes of your choice – which you will enjoy at the event.

For Show & Meal tickets, we will contact you to confirm your food choice. Your tasting menu choice will be served as 1 course.