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Storied backing-singers and stellar session musicians, this is simply a taste of the incredible line-up you’ll witness from us month after month, after month.

Performed 2022
Beverley Skeete – Vocalist
Bishop Brad – Keys
Performed 2022
Lex Cameron – Keys
Performed 2022
Dave Ital – Guitarist
Performed 2022
Kevin Leo – Vocalist
Performed 2022
Gemma Dorsett – Vocalist

Chef Spotlight

Jon Villar – Fusion cooking – The Gathering of Flavours

“When I create a dish, I work on the flavour first”. Says the latest ‘hot’ up-and-coming chef, Jon Villar.

“That’s always my base, it needs to be delicious. I really focus on the flavours.” This attitude has clearly served him well in his career so far, and given the strong reviews Jon has received, it seems to be continuing its upward trajectory.

Jon’s Bistro ‘FU:DIZM’ was created to offer outstanding quality of food – to take you on a unique food journey with their culinary creations.

And this is what attracted the promoters at new concerts and festivals company ‘CrazySexyCoool’ to offer Jon a much coveted month-long residency at the launch of their first series of shows ‘Spotlight Live – Unplugged’ – across December at Conway Hall — Holborn.

On his style of cooking and how he builds a dish up from scratch, Jonathan’s broad experience helps him create the often unusual flavour combinations that come with fusion cooking. He said: “You’re trying to combine different flavours which are unknown. It needs to work, they need to work together. It’s not easy to combine those flavours. I love the challenge of cooking fusion food.”

Lead promoter at CrazySexyCoool ‘Ovie’ says “Our events are heaven for foodies and live music aficionados”. We produce live cultural experiences, incorporating live music, cabaret, musical theatre, and heavenly food. We champion the unheralded talent of backing singers and talented up-and-coming chefs – who create Tasting Menus (A tasting menu is a collection of several dishes in small portions), for their guests to feast upon.

We champion talent. That’s our ethos. And we do this by creating warm, engaging and convivial spaces where are guests can take pleasure in the process of eating delicious curated Tasting Menus, socialising before we present them with our live music show across blues, soul, jazz, folk & Gospel (Depending on the show).

“Having tasted Jon’s food, the way he was able to gather all the flavours, you can see he works around the clock to offer fresh flavours with a mix of authentic classic and modern innovative dishes”. We simply had to offer him our first guest chef residency ‘Spotlight Live – Unplugged’.

Jon responded, “once I heard of the ‘Spotlight’ concept of championing and promoting talent and giving both new chefs and singers a platform to shine and to launch themselves, set in wonderfully decorated spaces I was sold”.

‘Ovie’ continued, ‘Our shows are for connoisseurs of live music and food’.

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